Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Healthcare today --my thoughts

I thought I would write about healthcare in general. I know this is a very wide topic. Everyone has an opinion on it though.

First, let me say I started in the healthcare field in 2008 in home health. I basically took care of people in their homes called a homemaker or companion.  Sometimes this was for safety reasons to stay in the house at night time.  Many times all I worked for people that had dementia problems.  I assisted people with using the toilet or making their meals.

I had later decided that because what I was doing is close to being a CNA, I took the CNA class and was certified.  I have worked at few local nursing homes in the area.  One will find most nursing homes are the same in some ways.  Working as a CNA can be tough on a person's back I am definitely finding out at this new location I am working at.  This position is not very well paid, but it can depend on the area that one lives in.  Some places do not care very much if a resident hit a staff member like a CNA, but they care if they hit another resident then they feel the other residents are not safe. What about the CNA that does the daily care of the resident.

Working in a hospital, every CNA would love to achieve that job.  A hospital environment is seen different than a nursing home environment.

But I must say about nursing homes, I do not want my mother, father or myself/spouse to go into a nursing home.  My grandmother was in one. But I did not have much decision in that situation.  Most nursing home food is bland.  A person will not get to eat their favorite foods much anymore.  A person is highly encouraged to come to all meals or come to activities. They are made to get up by 6 or 7 am, this is not very good for those that like to sleep in.

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  1. Many of us have had similar concerns about nursing homes. No matter how nice the place might be, there are numerous litigious concerns regarding food and so forth. The needs of the majority many times outweigh the desires of the few. If you visit often and bring in food and other personal touches, however, that will make a big difference.