Friday, March 6, 2015

Blogging and the Real world

I have a full time job as a CNA at the moment.  It is very hard to work a job with a family and do a blog among it all. There is always something to do in the house whether it is laundry, cleaning, cooking or just being with the family.  There are days that I spend hours on the computer doing many things related to the blog. It is surprising how time flies so fast when you are busy.  A blog takes a great amount of commitment and time  spent on it.  I can easily see how a person can not have a job and work on the blog.

There is a blogger event coming up in St. Louis.  I would love to go to mingle and learn new things.  I am not sure if I am working that night at the new job or not.  I don't want to go asking for that off too. I am already hopefully going to get off April 10 so I can be fully awake to go to a Blogging conference in St. Louis.

My full time job is getting in the way of my blog. Some people would consider my blog a hobby because I am not making any money from it. It takes time to make money. It takes time to get followers to your blog.

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