Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Michael Symon's 5 in 5 for every season Book Review

This cookbook is written by Michael Symon, who is a Iron Chef on the Food Network and a host on the television show The Chew.  I personally love the show because of the host and all the cooking.  
5 in 5 for every season Cookbook is full of recipes that are from scratch so you don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There are recipes for dinner, side dishes, and more. They are dishes with simple directions.  My only thing with the cookbook is some of the ingredients, at least with family this would be a problem.  There are ingredients that my family or maybe the ordinary family on a budget does not always buy or even some may not be familiar with if they do not cook all the time.   Some of these ingredients I am talking about are the following: 
Fennel   Favas  Lamb (some may not buy this all the time)
Ramps    Goat cheese   Swordfish 
Salmon     Anchovy 

This is just my opinion as some may use these ingredients all the time.  

Friday, September 18, 2015

The 80's Blog post challenge

September Saphire Blog challenge
Talking about the generation we grew up in. I would say I grew up mainly in the 80's.  There was big hair with lots of hair spray.  There was Madonna.
Leg warmers
warm up pants/slickers with zippers at the bottom
rolled up jeans

I love 80's although my husband does not so much.
I graduated 6th grade in 1987.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

9 Writers To Read Book Review

I received this book to read because I am a writer and I wanted to read it.  I wanted to learn more as a writer.  A writer can continue to learn the more they read. A writer cannot be a writer without reading books along the way.  A writer will learn how to write from other writers.  The author of the book told a little bit about each writer as each one had their own chapter.  What I especially liked about the book was in each chapter it recommended what you should read from each writer.  I would recommend this book to any writer learning about the process of becoming a writer or learning to write.  This would be great for an English classroom even.

The writers it tells about are the following:
G.K Chesterton     H.L. Mencken    P.G. Wodehouse    T.S. Eliot
J.R.R. Tolkien     C. S. Lewis    R. F. Capon   M. S. Robinson   N. D. Wilson

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review of a Blood Pressure Cuff

I had recently received an Ozeri Blood Pressure Cuff for the purpose fo trying it out and giving the company a review on it.  This is a needed item in my field of work.  If you didn't know, I am a Certified Nurses Assistant at a nursing home.  One of our duties as a CNA is to take vitals which includes the blood pressure.  When using this type of machine, it makes the job much faster and easier.  With this device, one is able to set it to remember a blood pressure that you have taken.  Once in a while, you make take a blood pressure that me a little higher than normal.  That is one of the problems with these types of devices.  Other than that I have liked this product. It comes in very handy at my job.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

St. Louis and Metro East local events for week 9/8-9/12

Sorry I was late putting this out, I have been busy with work and family events.

Great Godfrey Maze has opened and will through Halloween 12+: $6, 6-11 $4, A maze cut into seven acres of corn.

Sept. 11 Food Truck Friday Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, 4-7:30

Sept. 12 Pere Marquette Rendevous 10 am to 5 pm Step back in time to the days when frontier fur trappers met with fur traders and buyers during this reenactment festival at Pere Marquette State Park. The Second Annual Pere Marquette State Park Rendezvous will be a traditional Pre-1840 event with buckskinned re-enactors portraying primitive traders and campers. There will be period demonstrations, black powder and longbow shoots, camp music and food common to days on the Illinois frontier. The public is invited to attend and admission is free. 

Sept. 12 American Indian Education Days at Cahokia Mounds 10 am to 4 pm FREE 

Sept 12 Bunker Hill Fall Fest 10am to 8 pm Car show and chili cook off 

Expedition Days : Blog challenge

September Saphire Even days Blog Challenge

This day we are to talk about places we have traveled to.  I was in a church choir for four years. Each summer we traveled in a charter bus and went to various churches and performed a presentation for them.  I even had my birthday on tour a few years.  Many pictures were taken of the people we visited or the places we saw.  I can say I have seen Niagra falls. I will never forget those great years traveling. Many of days I slept so easy on the bus.