Friday, February 27, 2015

My writing continues

About a week ago, I submitted a article to our local paper about the truth of being a CNA.  I did not get paid for it. It was exposure I say.  I sent an email to my contact there now about another idea for an article. He changed it around. So now I am working on another article about frugal living, saving money in the area.  I figure the more I write, it can be added to my portfolio of my writing. It may also lead me to a paying writing gig too. You never know.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reminders about this blog

I need to remind myself that this blog is here. I tend to forget to write on it.   So I can post more things on it. Or just write.  I do not advertise the blog really at all. I feel when I have something to really share I think I will just share it on my other blog Facebook for those to read.

This blog I made just for mainly personal writing.  I wanted to be able to post things that were not about being frugal or couponing like my other blog is.  Although I have been told that people will read it if they want to. So if I do post something there it is online someone will find if they are looking.

Special Moments with the Husband

Last night, was very unique.  First was the text message that said u want to dance.  I was shocked so I went downstairs.  He had music on the Xbox360 playing. Then I had to ruin it by being funny and talking. We just kept looking for songs to play. We talked about all kinds of things. He was not drunk.  He said he is trying to not drink as much.  It was special. He was being sincere, romantic.  It was about 1 am when I decided to finally go to bed. There is not many times when we are both awake, and together at that time of time.