Saturday, March 7, 2015

I am a wife, mother and a blogger

This weekend I am off work from the nursing home.  The weather is to be in the 50's, hopefully the snow melts.  I have things to do today around the house.  I must do dishes, which is normal.  I have to put away clothes that just folded this morning.  I want to make some brownies today as well.  I have to go to the store to get things I forgot.  I am sitting at the computer now although I want to watch more television --Criminal Minds.  I was up by 6:30. I saw my husband off to work.  I made son a good breakfast.  Now I really get to work doing something meaningful before the day passes by too fast.  Sometimes we want the weekends to just relax.  A mother and wife can never relax really because there is always things to do around the house.  There is always things to do if you are a blogger also.

I have the idea that I would also like to make some pancakes and freeze them for my son.  He can then just and eat in the mornings for breakfast. This would  be cheaper than going through the pop tarts or bread so fast.

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