Saturday, March 21, 2015

The VIP Blogger Lounge--St. Louis

Yesterday, I attended my first blogger related event.  It was the Blogger Lounge sponsored by the Midwest Influencers Network and Alive Magazine. It was located at the Boo Cat Club in St. Louis.  This event was for bloggers and brands to socialize with each other.  My husband could not understand why they did not do this online because most things are.  Brands need to develop a relationship and know who the blogger is in person.  The blogger may very well be sponsoring their company and product.   Explore St. Louis was there looking for a blogger to become 2015's Ambassador to basically spread the word about St. Louis.

Some of the companies that were there were:
Aquarius Wellness as they provided massages. I wish I would have received one.
Pinot's Pallette did small paintings with people as they would do a regular class. It was fun as I did a painting myself.
Sara's social booth was there and people could use various props and share the pics to twitter or Facebook.
Jord Wood Watches--they gave bloggers the opportunity to design a watch.
Hiro's Asian Kitchen presented an appetizer for us to try.

It was a different environment for me compared to what I am used to.  A blogger needs to be outgoing. One regret is that I do not have business cards yet.  Bloggers shared their blogs with other blogs.  Bloggers are hoping to be able to be able to do a collaboration with a company that was present there.

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