Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sickness with men vs. women

Have you ever noticed how when a woman gets sick and when a man gets it is totally different?  A woman gets a cold or sinus thing, a few things may get a little messier than normal.  But she is a mother and a wife she must continue with everything around the house. A man gets sick, and it is woe is me.

I had a cough, then it got better. Then I got it back plus sinus related cold. Well, I had gone to the doctor with the first cold, so I had received my inhalers and an asthma pill.  I have asthma/COPD.  So when I get a cough it will go into overdrive without regular inhalers. Then this past week my husband caught the cold. He is coughing and has sinus issues has well. I have been catering to his needs when he asks for something. He called off work Tuesday and now today.  The whole time I was sick, I did not call off work. I even sounded like a goose or some animal when I coughed. I even had extra issues when I coughed and I still went to work through it all.

Now he says he wants to go the doctor this afternoon. Ugh. On my day off he decides to stay home sick.

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