Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday --Computer

This picture is my computer area.  This area speaks so many words.  I sometimes start and end my day here. As you can see I tend to drink a glass of milk here at nighttime.   
What do I do here? 
I share a post on Advowire so I earn points to get a gift card.  I do this right away in the morning and about every 4 hours as allotted for me to do if I am home.    
I log on to and get my daily swagbucks that I am allowed to get.  I try to earn Swagbucks to get gift cards here as well.  
Blogging on my various blogs is the majority of my time spent at this computer area each day.  I blog here at Midwest Lady Thoughts, Frugal and Coupon Crazy and 2 Chicks Blogging.  I link any new blog post to linky parties almost each day so people can see the new posts I  write about.  Linking on to social media sites for my blogs is part of blogging.  
My computer is where I print out coupons to save my family money.  
I have a book on my desk which I am reading--Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine.  I hoping to get some inspiration for myself as in my blogging or my future business of Pampred Chef.  

There are days that I spend too much time here in this part of the house.  

My computer is part of my life.  There is not too many days I am not on my computer at some point in the day.  

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