Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goodbye to the Family Barn

Goodbye to the family Barn 

These are two pictures of the family barn that I have.  It doesn't look like this right now.  More wood has come apart from the frame of the barn.  This is on my grandparent's property.  My grandparent's house was buildt in 1867 or so.  It is unknown exactly when this barn was built, although there was always a farm here.  My grandparents are no longer living. My brother's family is now living on the property and taking care of the farm.

This Saturday, the barn will be burned to the ground.  We do not use the barn for any farm purposes anymore.  I can remember times when I was young as we cattle that used the barn.  I remember hearing the noises when they butchered the cattle inside the barn.  In the past years, I had ventured in the barn to see what kind old, and interesting things I could find.  My son enjoyed climbing on the second floor, although my parents were worried because none of the boards were very stable any longer.    I had found old darts with real feathers on them that my grandfather used as practiced dart ball in the barn for the church league.  I found 2 old horse bridles.  We did find a old two hand plow.

It will be a piece of history to watch it go up in flames.  I have to take pictures because my mother will be able to watch.  She is a little disappointed that she will be unable to see it happen. She grew up with this barn in her life.

Goodbye to a part of history.

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