Thursday, August 15, 2013

I figured it out ---I am a writer.

“I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer.” So I started to think when did it hit me that I am a writer.  When I was in high school I wrote various things like short stories or poems.  In these poems, I voiced my opinions.  I could say I was a writer but not many people read these writings of mine.  One year, I was a guest columnist for the local paper.  We could write whatever we wanted to write about.  This was not an ongoing thing so I did not see myself truly a writer.

Just recently, I starting writing again and was getting published as a Yahoo contributor online.  I have been writing articles of various topics.  It has been just recently that I feel I am truly a writer.  I have watched the number of views go higher and higher.  Obviously people like what I have to say in my articles, then they tell someone else then that person reads the article.  It truly has amazed me that many people are reading certain articles.  I feel that even though there has been a large time gap in my writing, I still have the ability to write. I have the desire to write and tell other people about my life experiences.  As a writer, I can speak about things that are unspoken verbally.  Because as many people know that sometimes it is easy to get tongue tied when talking out loud or forget to say something we wanted to bring up.  As a writer, I feel my brain works differently because inspirations and thoughts may hit me at weird moments.  I am sure that other writers have had this happen to them too.  Where they have a special tablet on them at all times or a tablet by the bed to write an idea down.  I feel my writing ideas are changing every day. I feel I must continue to write.  I feel I must tell my life store in various articles. They may have been discussed before but not from my point of view.  I tell myself, you have to write more articles. I tell others who are debating the idea to write, just find a spare moment in the day a start free writing your thoughts no matter what they are.  Believe in your thoughts and your writing as only your own.

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