Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I want a job but only certain jobs

Finding a job is hard to do.  Sometimes it is who you know no matter if you don't want to face that fact.  I apply many places and still get no phone calls.  I will not stoop myself to working at fast location.  I know it is bad to say but at 38 years old, it just isn't right.  I understand it is a job, just not for me.  For my job, I have to think about my family. When I say this, taking on a evening job would not be a good idea.  I would only see my son and husband about a half hour in the mornings and every other weekend possibly.  Never seeing my husband would hurt our relationship as well.  There are people out there that try to get you to do their work at home business then you find out you have to pay to do it. Why would I pay when I already watching the money.  Some of the jobs are just posting a link various places on the internet and getting people to buy things.  Some of these jobs are scams, as some people do not want to hear that.

My dream job would probably be cooking for others.  It may be as cooking for people on a as needed basis or as a catering business.  Though starting a business cost a great deal of money too.

Writing could be a job. But it is more like a residual income job.  If only I would commit myself to looking for possible writing opportunities.  My husband would never see freelance writing as a job.

If only I could find a business or non profit place to put my skills of using coupons to work.  That would be be awesome.  I love saving money.

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  1. Wow, I think we were separated at birth. We could cater and then write about it. ;) Love your blog.