Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Life as a Certified Nurses Assistant

Let me tell you a story.  It started around 2007 or so.  I started doing home health.  I was caring for people in their homes.  I then figured I might as well get my certification as a certified nurses assistant because they basically do the same I was doing in home health.  I have worked in a fair number of nursing homes in the area. I thought I wanted to be in home health or be a CNA because I couldn't help my grandmother at home or my great great aunt. Nursing homes are similar to one another from a worker's perspective.  Although from a family's perspective, each may be different based on what each nursing home may provide or their rankings.

A certified nurse's assistant (CNA) may get up residents in the morning to get them dressed.  One may help feed them at meal times.  A CNA make assist them with their toileting needs.  This person may take their vitals for nurse which will include blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.  Each day a CNA will have document what they did for the residents they were in charge of for the day.

A CNA can be a hard job.  Some people think it is not a hard job.  One's feet and back may hurt by the end of the day because of the lifting, bending over or walking all day. It may be a rougher day when state surveyors are in the building.  They watch you making sure you are doing thing correctly. This job can be more stressful when people call off which will mean you have more in your group of residents to take care of for the day.  This position to tell you the truth does not get paid very well at all.

In May of this year, I broke my ankle. I was off work all summer. I started back to work in late August.  I am 40 years old and now a messed up ankle.  I am not sure about being a CNA any longer.  My foot or feet at times can be killing me by the end of the work day.  I am always one of older CNA's at a job.
I would love to be able to make more money writing, blogging and staying home. I stay pretty busy when I am home from working on the computer to working around the house.  Only time will tell what the outlook for my job situation in my life will be.

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