Monday, October 19, 2015

Bloggers can Get Books For Free

Do you enjoy reading books?  I like to read when I have the time.  That is the key point though when I can find the time.  Sometimes I make the time because reading is just time to yourself.  Reading a book, a person can be exploring a new world and be a different while reading the book.  That's why we tell kids they can travel anywhere when reading books.

 If are a blogger, you can get books for free.  One place I go through is Blogging for Books. One must choose a book to review. After you read it, post a review on your blog then post on their site.  Then you can pick another book to read and review.

If you like Christian based books, you can join the Family Christian group on Facebook.  She post various opportunities to review books or other things. Sometimes you may just post a review on your blog or also on their site as well.  Sometimes you may receive a gift certificate to the store in exchange for reviewing the book or item.

I love the opportunity to read the books.  It gives me the opportunity to tell others about the books I read whether they are good or not.  I just pass on how I feel.

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