Thursday, January 15, 2015

Would you recommend someone for your job?

Would you recommend a friend go to school for the job you have? Think about that real hard.  Do you like your job?  I personally would not recommend someone become a CNA.  A Certified Nurses Assistant is not well appreciated job. CNA's are not paid well at all.  Some people that have these jobs will call off work and not think about what is going on.  The hall then is short staffed while you deal with alarms going off because a resident is getting out of bed, taking people to the bathroom.  Sometimes CNA's have to deal with residents that hit or kick you.

I believe a person should only be a CNA when passing through to become a nurse.  I don't want to be a CNA for the rest of my life.  I am almost 40 years old.  I am only making $9.38 an hour.

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