Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Dentist--Who likes them

I have never liked the dentists considering when they scrape your teeth you see blood. Or the annoying habit they do, talk to you when they have their hands in your mouth.  Really, you expect me to answer a question.  Well I am very numb right now.  I was to supposed to get two teeth pulled as they bad I was told.  They numbed my mouth.  I started to feel so numb that it felt like it was so hard to swallow.  So that brought on throwing up.  So I sat longer to see if my problem would go away.  Then he started to work in my mouth.  Saliva started to build up my mouth.  I was ready to spit or why did they not suction it out.  So the suction straw goes in my mouth and I have to close my mouth. That made me gag and more saliva and myself started to throw up again.  Why can't they suction without me closing my mouth.  So my teeth were not pulled today.  He recommended I go to a oral surgeon to be put under. If I was nervous about this, I going to be more nervous about being put under.  He stated I have the worst gag reflex he has seen in his 15 years. I proceeded to ask the dentist about oil pulling and the possible benefits that is supposedly has for teeth.  He just says there in not enough clinical data on it. My husband says I need to control it with my mind. That moment with saliva in mouth I could possibly try to tell myself not to gag.  So with no dental or medical insurance I do not see this happening soon. I do not want to ask my parents to my that kind of bill. The dentist trying talking about how infection is getting my blood and bacteria is all around in my mouth because I have great amounts of calcium buildup.

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